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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

CREATING A SPACE TO WORK AT HOME- shop your home to create a fresh, positive and inspiring space to work at home.

How's your lockdown going?

Sick of working from your kitchen table? Why not change things up this week and create a fresh, positive and inspiring space for you to work from?

On the face of it, working from home may seem like an absolute dream, but when the novelty wears off, you may start noticing your motivation and productivity levels are next to dwindle away. Yep... totally been there! When I started my own business over a year ago I was working from all over the house as the freedom of home working clearly went to my head! haha! I soon realised I needed a dedicated space I could "walk to work" to and work from, and also at the end of my working day, I could leave behind and relax, away from that work space. I totally recommend setting yourself up a work space you don't have to pack away each night, but that you can leave and come back to each day, just like you would when you went into the office each day. Separating work space from home life, within my home, was a game changer for me!

You don't have to live in a country mansion or have a home office to create a dedicated space to work from. You don't even need to buy ANYTHING new! All you need is an open mind and to shop your home!

As both Sam and I are working from home together for the foreseeable (pray for us...!!!), we had to try and find somewhere in the house we could create a temporary work space so that we each had somewhere we could disappear off to and work.....well.... when the kids let us! This got me thinking..... Is it possible to create a new work space without buying anything new? Could I practice what I preach and create different work spaces within our home without having to buy anything new? So I set myself a challenge to do just that and create 3 different work spaces 3 different looks, not spending a penny and shopping our home!

Here are some ideas and tips you could try to create your own fresh space to work at home (for free!) to help you stay focused, motivated, inspired and productive.

Temporary work space. room inspiration


You may only be working from home temporarily, but for how long that "temporary" is, is sort of up in the air at the moment. Our homes should evolve with us and work for us, especially during times of crisis such as these. Our home is our sanctuary after all. Don't be afraid to move things around temporarily so that your home can work for you during these times. Could your dining table be pushed against the wall to give you a new working area and the kids more space to be wild for instance. Don't stress! It's only temporary.

Temporary work space. room inspiration. space planning


This isn't a riddle btw....Don't have a desk? No worries! Depending on the type of work you will be doing, all you really need is a sturdy surface space. Have a walk around your home to see what you could adapt to use as a desk. Could you cover your ironing board in a pretty duvet cover and use that for your laptop, or could you move your hall console table into another room? I have created my temporary work space using an Ikea Malm chest of drawers I upcycled (using wallpaper and neon gaff tape) and a sheet of ply wood I had kicking about the garage. I think I might even love this new space more than my actual office! haha!



However temporary the space is, it doesn't have to be boring. This is your chance to be super creative and really put your own stamp on your working space. Style it up! Shop your home and bring in items which inspire you and make you smile. *tip* washi tape and/or masking tape are great for holding up wall art without damaging the wall behind them, which is great for temporary spaces.



It's so important to make sure your working space has adequate lighting, especially if you cant have a space near a window. Bring in a desk lamp or table lamp to your working space to make sure visibility is good when you are working. Added bonus, lighting helps to style the space too! woohoo! Walk around your home and see what light you can nab for your new space.



100% add some greenery to your working space. Not only will it freshen the space up by adding some life and colour, but there are several health benefits of having plants within your work space, such as reducing stress levels and boosting creativity and positivity! winner winner plant based dinner! woohoo! (now if i could only find a living non crispy plant in my house.. that would be great!)


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