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Terian Tilston Interior Design is a full service, relaxed, affordable, and approachable Interior Design Studio based at Forgan Art Centre, Newport, Fife.


We work with both residential and commercial clients across Scotland on a wide range of projects with varied budgets.


We work closely with our own team of trusted and hugely talented trades who work with us on all full design and install projects, adding HUGE value to our client's projects.


As a team, it's our mission is to create practical, functional and happy spaces for our clients through a range of
services, from interior consultations right the way through to managing the installation and final styling
of a project.


We've got your back! 





Terian Tilston Interior Design was created to help, inspire and empower others to take control of their homes and surroundings and create spaces  which support us, reflect who we really are and bring us JOY! 

Too many times I have seen people frustrated with their homes, feeling lost with where to start, feeling they can't afford it, they don't deserve it... the list goes on and they do nothing, or they panic buy and regret it. Quite often it comes down to a lack of confidence and a belief that you have to be super rich to create your perfect happy space. 


Let me tell you something... You ARE worth it and you can achieve it! Sometimes you just need some help to get started.

Things are a bit different around here! I strongly believe that good. clever and joyful design should be attainable for all. We want to break down barriers to thisl by offering a range of affordable services for all budgets and needs. 

We not only work together with you to help create designs that reflect who YOU are, work for you and your lifestyle and which spark joy, but we are also here for you to empower, coach and support you through bringing your design to life, creating the home of your dreams on a budget comfortable for you.

I totally believe in you! You deserve a space that brings you JOY! What's holding you back?




Terian is the founder and Lead Designer at Terian Tilston Interior Design. `She lives in a small village outside of St Andrews with her husband and 2 wee ones. She is a full on colour enthusiast (this is not to say she can't design in neutrals!) and can often be found in her Newport based studio dancing to 90s dance classics whilst designing beautiful spaces for her clients. 


From an early age, it was quite clear that I was a creative sort.  As a child I would spend hours drawing, painting, sewing and even redecorating my bedroom (something I have never really grown out of!). 


I got my first drawing desk at aged 4 (a wee yellow and grey number!) and even asked for a Black and Decker Jigsaw when I was 12 so I could design and make my own furniture....... (yeah...... that never materialised sadly! Something about kids and power tools and danger......? Whatever!). 

You would think that being a creative kid there would have been a natural progression to an early career in Interior Design. Yeah.......... I don't really know what happened but some how I went on to study Law and then on to practice as a Litigation Solicitor for about 6 years. Let's just say, I felt it was the right thing to do at the time, but my inner creative couldn't be suppressed for long.

In 2018 my mum passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly and my whole world came crashing down. My home very much became my sanctuary, but I felt it just no longer reflected who we were as a family and wasn't supporting us.


With virtually no budget, I started redesigning and redecorating each room in my house with a focus on reducing waste and reusing a lot of what we already had, to create special spaces for myself and my family to support us, our needs and our mental health. 

It then became my mission to help create special spaces for others to support them as well, because we all deserve to have a positive space around us, regardless of budget. Hiring an Interior Designer to help you with this process shouldn't just be reserved for the super rich!

Fast forward a long time, one interior design TV down and  much life experience later and here I am, designing happy, affordable supportive spaces for wonderful people! 




Megan is our Project coordinator,  an absolute integral part of the team and total legend! It is Megan's role to take the design and work with the client to bring it to life, coordinating the procurement and buying process with clients, as well as organising trades for each job, for those clients working with us on full design, design management and Install projects. 

Megan is hugely creative and also runs her own small business making beautiful feather accessories which she showcases at fairs accross the country.


When she isn't organising and styling up a storm, Megan is very much an outdoorsy type and fully embraces all aspects of country living. She will often be out with her horses and 3 gorgeous red fox labs. 


She has an extraordinary eye for detail and often leads the installation and styling of projects at the final stages. She will be leading our Christmas styling team this year as we enter our first year offering seasonal styling as an option for new and existing clients. 

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