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So I have sat on this for such a long time now wondering whether I should share this or not, whether it was appropriate, whether anyone would be fussed enough to read it, whether I actually wanted people to know this... and the list goes on. Terian Tilston Interior Design 100% champions authenticity, going against the norm and basically... just being you! woohoo! I half talked about why and how I set up this business when I launched a few years ago, but I sort of skimmed over the actual fundamental raw bit, that actually is at the heart of why I do what I do. Until now! So here we go... why do I do what I do?

Well, I’ve always been “one of those creative types”, and always wanted to be a designer… but ended up being a lawyer, as this felt like the best option to keep my family happy really. and thats a long(er) story for another day.

In 2018 my entire world as I knew it fell apart when my mum passed away very suddenly 7 weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I struggled a lot to be honest, and for a long time shut myself off from the outside world, too anxious to see anyone or go anywhere. My home very much became my sanctuary, but I felt it just no longer reflected who we were as a family and wasn't supporting us.

With virtually no budget, I started redesigning and redecorating each room in my house as a way of healing, with a focus on reducing waste and reusing a lot of what we already had, to create special spaces for myself and my family to support us, our needs and our mental health.

Seeing my mum pass away at such a young age, so suddenly, not even reaching retirement, shocked me into the realisation that life is so fragile and short, and I questioned wtf was I doing with my life? Had I done enough good? I kept coming back to the same thing. I just wanted to inspire others and make people happy!

I ended up quitting my career as a litigation lawyer. Eeek!

It then became my mission to help create special spaces for others to support them, just like my space was supporting me, because we all deserve to have a positive space around us, regardless of budget. Hiring an Interior Designer to help you with this process shouldn't just be reserved for the super rich!

Fast forward a long time, one interior design TV show down and much life experience later and here I am, designing happy, affordable supportive spaces for wonderful people!

So that's my why, the very heart of my business. Hi! I’m Terian, mummy, entrepreneur, Scottish Designer, human helping to create happy spaces.


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