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I think it's fair to say... I love a storage solution!! Especially a beautiful storage solution. Who doesn't? I was challenged by Mollie Makes to upcycle an old bookcase to create a beautiful piece of furniture that was also useful

to store lots of bits and pieces, books... naturally! haha. I have always LOVED the fluted/ribbed designed furniture you see in all the super posh interiors magazines by all the big named furniture designers, but oh my word... the price tags (Insert fainting emoji!), so I thought I would use this challenge as a way to create a similar super chic look, for a fraction of the price. Here's how I did it!


  1. Bookcase

  2. PVA glue or wallpaper paste

  3. Tape measure

  4. Pencil

  5. Wallpaper (enough to cover the back of the bookcase)

  6. Non scratch scourers

  7. Pine half mouldings

  8. Wood glue

  9. Dixie bell chalk mineral paint

  10. Paint brush with synthetic fibres

  11. Scissors

  12. Spray bottle for water




Clean down your bookcase with a damp cloth to remove any dust and grime. I am using Dixie belle white lighting mixed with warm water as per the instructions on the tub and using a spray bottle to apply. Make sure the bookcase is wiped dry before you start applying paint.


Give the whole book case 1 coat of paint. Dampen your brush before you start painting, so you don’t have a dry brush, and simply start painting, no need to sand first!


Paint the inside the bookcase a contrasting colour for that extra wow factor!


Once completely dry, take a non scratch scourer (or alternatively 220 grit sandpaper) and lightly sand down the first coat of paint and wipe down with a clean cloth.


Measure the length of the side of the bookcase by simply placing each moulding on top and drawing a line to mark where to make the cut.


Cut down enough mouldings down to fit the side of the bookcase. Depending on the thickness of the mouldings you have, you might be able to just use a pair of strong scissors, otherwise use a handsaw.


Line up the mouldings on the side of the bookcase and glue down using the wood glue leaving a slight gap in between each moulding.


To help the mouldings stick to the bookcase, place heavy books on top and allow to dry.


Apply another coat of paint all over the book case and allow to dry to ensure a nice even coverage all over, paying extra attention to the sides of the bookcase where the mouldings are.


Let’s add in the wallpaper! If you haven’t already, make sure all shelves have been removes from your bookcase and measure the area you will be wallpapering.


An easier option for wallpapering the back of your bookcase is to remove the back of the bookcase altogether if you are able to and wallpaper the back panel.


Using a pair of scissors, cut down your chosen wallpaper to the fit the back of the bookcase making sure to pattern match if you need more than one piece of wallpaper.


Squeeze some PVA glue into a tub, mix a splash of water in and using a clean paint brush, paste on the PVA glue. Wallpaper paste can also be used.


Wait a few minutes to allow the glue to become tacky (not dry) and insert your wallpaper, cutting off any excess with a blade or Stanley knife.


Dixie Belle paint cures in 30 days and doesn’t require any finishes to be durable, however you can apply a wax or varnish of your choice for extra durability if you wish. I like the matte finish and so have chosen to just leave my painted product as fabulous as it is.

And there you have it! One "new" beautiful piece of useful furniture!